Danone Specialized Nutrition enables their Digital Manufacturing vision with AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System

Danone is a global leader in the Food & Beverage industry with a mission to drive healthier and more sustainable consumption through its “One Planet. One Health” initiative. Working with AVEVA, the Specialized Nutrition team has developed a core model or template that provides 20 standard functions for deployment across manufacturing sites, including a standard interface to SAP.

“We had the ambition to develop a state-of-the-art MES and chose AVEVA as a strong and global partner to maintain and improve our core model. The Model-Driven MES template gives Danone the flexibility to deploy a menu of 20 standard functionalities including standard interfaces, to all Specialized Nutrition plants.”
Sebastien Boissier
Specialized Nutrition Digital Manufacturing Director


  • Design a core MES model with standard, configurable functionality and interfaces for global rollout
  • Serve Quality goals by preserving traceability
  • Serve Finance goals by capturing and reporting accurate factory usage
  • Serve Production goals by measuring true performance
  • Serve Digital goals by providing a foundation


  • Lack of a legacy standard or “core model” to ensure process consistency across sites
  • Paper-based processes & reports


  • Development of a core MES model (DANMES) with 20 standard functionalities
  • Pre-approved FDA compliant processes for Quality functions
  • Development of a standard interface to ERP (SAP)
  • Successful configuration and deployment of DANMES at Indonesia site
  • Ready for rollout across remaining Danone Specialist Nutrition’s 25 plant sites

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Danone Specialized Nutrition

Danone Specialized Nutrition enables their Digital Manufacturing vision with AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System.

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