Henkel harnesses its big data to drive sustainability and boost energy efficiency

The German fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturer Henkel operates globally with more than 52,000 employees. Its brands span three business units: Adhesive Technologies, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care. Henkel aims to promote sustainability in all its business activities, reinforcing its leadership position and optimizing its energy consumption.

“We adopted a digital backbone as this facilitates a vertical approach, meaning we can implement any add-on application in a ‘plug-and-play manner’ across the entire global value chain within months. In our experience, this is not only faster (than creating then duplicating a state-of-the art site), but also ensures each application roll-out quickly generates tangible business benefits.”

Dr. Dirk Holbach, Corporate Senior Vice President,
Global Supply Chain Laundry & Home Care, Henkel


  • Reduce specific energy consumption and confirm ISO 50001 certification for all Laundry & Home Care production sites
  • Improve supply-chain resource efficiency on the production side by 5-6% annually
  • Become three times more efficient by 2030


  • Improvements were needed in the collection, use and communication of consumption and emissions data across the length of Henkel’s global supply chain


  • Solution support for growth and sustainability strategies has resulted in incremental reduced year-on-year energy consumption, by up to 16% in 2020, on top of other on-going reduction measures, such as investing in more sustainable process and automation equipment
  • Annual energy cost savings are growing, reaching an incremental €8 million, driven by digital analytics in 2020

  • Energy cost savings to date have topped €37 million
  • Exponential ROI delivered: full payback delivered within four years; quadrupled ROI after eight years
  • Reduction in filling line waste and elimination of all incorrect labeling resulting in 100% label quality
  • Improvements of 15% in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) after just two years

Valmet Automotive

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Mike’as Kershaw ir jo komanda turi daugiau kaip 2000 darbuotojų, dirbančių 20 objektų. Jie siekė pagerinti produktų serijų gamybos lankstumą ir sykiu ją paspartinti, užtikrinant aukštą kokybę, nuoseklumą ir klientų užsakymų kitai dienai įgyvendinimą.

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