Safety Webinar part 3, GuardLink™ Enabling Smart Safety Devices in The Connected Enterprise

Allen‑Bradley® Guardmaster® smart safety devices that feature GuardLink technology deliver information, advanced functionality, and flexibility. This technology helps enhance safety and increase machine- and plant-wide efficiency.

GuardLink technology-enabled devices offer advanced features and diagnostics that can only be accessed through a GuardLink enabled connection tap. The benefits of GuardLink technology include:
– Real-time, contextual diagnostics, and sensor health data significantly improve troubleshooting.
– Automatic Device Reset (ADR)
– Seamless integration into Rockwell Automation Ethernet/IP™ architecture

GuardLink enables smart safety components to share real-time data with the standard control system where a direct integration over a network is not achievable due to space and cost constraints of the devices.

· SMART: Provides access to diagnostic data when the safety function is in a safe state.
· SIMPLE: No configuration required, and devices use standard 4 wire cables with M12 connectors.
· SAFE: Daisy chain up to 32 devices with no loss of Safety rating (up to PLe (Performance Level)

Also, we will investigate how to make a completely monitored and diagnosed safety solution to be used in the RA cloud solutions (Industrial Internet of Things).

Why choose smart safety solutions for your company?
Harnessing the power of safety and operational data can improve safety compliance and performance. Accessing safety system data and transforming it into meaningful information results in increased machinery productivity and minimizes downtime.

To gain more diagnostic data traditional safety devices required more complex wiring solutions. With a Smart Safety solution, you can now access more diagnostic data and simplify your wiring system.

An integrated Smart Safety solution provides all the data needed to create a comprehensive picture of the status of the machine or production line.

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